[Credit goes to poetic_folly at modmymoto.com]

The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to do seem edits on your Motorola ROKR E6 using P2k Commander 4.9.A and XVI32 Hex Editor. Previously seem edits were done in Radiocomm, which is warez, so this is a much easier way! You will also need to know which seem edit you are wanting to do. More on that later.

First, set your phone to Modem mode (Menu>Setup>USB Mode>Modem)

usb mode


Now, connect your phone to the computer, and open up P2k Commander 4.9.A. If you have NOT followed the Get Connected guide correctly, and hadn't opened any P2k programs yet, you will get a TON of new devices found now. Let them install, and we're good. You may have to restart P2k Commander if these new devices are found. Assuming they are not, we are good to move on. In either window of P2k Commander, select /g P2k Phone extra from the drop down menu. I like to use the right panel of P2k Commander.

You will now see a list of all the seems on the phone. Go into the folder of the seem you want (for this tutorial we are editing seem 0032 so we'll go in that folder),

and highlight the seem, then hit Copy, making sure you are aware of the folder you are downloading to (it is the folder on the OTHER panel of P2k Commander, in this instance the left panel). For now I am just downloading to the Desktop, as I will only need this file for a bit. I advise you to make a copy of the original seem in another folder as well, just in case.

Now, open XVI32, or your hex editor of choice.

Choose Open from the File menu, and navigate to the seem we just downloaded it, and hit Open.

You need to know which seem edit you are doing. In this instance we are editing Bit 1 of Offset 2 in seem 0032_0001. You may also see this written in other places as Element ID: 0032, Record: 0001, Offset: 0002, Length: 0001 (that's the Radiocomm format--"length" is the same as "bit"). So, we press Ctrl+G in XVI32 to open up the Find Offset window, type in 02 (make sure its set to find hexadecimal addresses, not decimal addresses), and hit enter, which will highlight that offset. Then select Bit manipulation... from the Tools menu.

The Bit maipulation window will come up. Since in this tutorial we want to set bit 1 to a value of 1, or checked, go ahead and make sure 1 is checked, and hit Set.

Hit Save from the File menu.

Go back to P2k Commander, make sure you are still in the seem 0032 folder on your phone, and click the 0032_0001.seem file on the left panel of P2k Commander, and hit Copy again. Make SURE you have the file on the left side selected--we want to overwrite the file on the right side of P2k Commander--on the phone.

All right, now hit Restart in P2k Commander, which will restart the phone.

Congrats, you are all done--you've seem edited your Motorola ROKR E6!

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